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What is Astrological Magic

What is Astrological Magic

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences you can use to take control of your life.

From the earliest times on, the path of the Moon and the Sun through the sky were studied. From these casual studies certain events and behavior patterns of people were recognized.

The Sun and the Moon then became deities in the sky. And, individual trends and events that were noticed, were called “The will of the Gods.”

Humans then began to observe more closely the position of the planets. From these simple beginnings, the Science of Astrology was born.

The early Astrologers told fortunes and correlated the positions of the planets with certain upcoming events. They thought the planets were gods also.

Soon the ancients found a way to influence events by interacting with these planetary “Gods.”

Their magic became a “science” and the solar chart was born. This created a marriage between magic, astrology and religion.

Magic is affecting change at a distance. More Astrological knowledge was developed and passed on as tradition. Shamans emerged who used this knowledge as a form of religion. It is now part of our heritage.

Astrological magic is a way to change one's destiny.

Astrology describes trends and events for a human being or a group of humans. It is also an excellent way to realize your destiny and eliminate undesirable trends that may block it. You can create more favorable events and trends in your life with astrological magic.

Magic is action using life energy.

Astrological Magic develops symbolic structural links to describe trends and events. You can use these astrological symbols to improve your life..

Any form of magic that uses astrological symbols or signs can be classified as astrological magic

Designing a Venus love totem to attract a lover or to increase your creativity is Astrological Magic.

Invoking planetary spirits to effect change is Astrological Magic.

Astrological Magic allows us to define and combine energies for very specific purposes.

All magicians know that Magic acts positively upon illness.

Traditional Astrological Magicians calculate exact times when to do things and when not to do tings. These are called astrological trends. Timing is everything in magic.

A right thing at a wrong time will not work. And a wrong thing at the right time will not work.

In this Age of Aquarius with the Laws of Quantum Physics you need three things to make astrological magic work.

Your solar chart, some astrological symbols and a source of energy or life force.

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