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Hpw To Power Your Solar Chart For More Health, Wealth and Love

How To Power Your Solar Chart

For More

Health, Wealth and Love

Several wonderful things are happening to man on the planet Earth. We have entered the Age of Aquarius which is the Age of Astrology, the Age of Energy and the Age of do it yourself.

We no longer have to depend on others to tell us what to do, what to think and how to live our lives.

The Laws of Quantum Physics, which is the paradigm for this new Age has blown the lid off the box that has kept us in the dark for the past 2000 + years.

We are in an Energy Age. We are Energy and we live, move and have our being within an infinite ocean of Thinking, Intelligent, Energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Within this infinite ocean there are an infinite number of energy matrix's, energy patterns or like I prefer to call them, “Divine Blueprints.”

We are evolving Souls who have 'Blinked Out' (incarnated) out of this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God into this particular time frame.

We have chosen a particular Astrological Energy Matrix to clothe our physical body in and use to experience physical, emotional and mental life.

There are twelve of these Divine Blueprints in the Mind of God, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.

The exact energy configuration of these twelve Astrological signs is given to us very clearly in the Solar Chart.

A Solar Chart is divided into twelve 30 degree arcs. Each of these arcs represent a House where we experience certain functions of life.

The First House represents our personality; Second money; Third communication; Fourth home; Fifth creativity; Sixth Health; Seventh relationships including marriage; Eighth other people's money wills, lottery etc., Ninth higher wisdom; Tenth Career; Eleventh Friends; Twelfth mysticism.

The wonderful thing about this Age is now we can improve on the original Solar Chart we were born with. We can increase the energies in any of the Houses within the Solar Chart.

The three most important houses, for the average man and woman are the Second house of earning money; the Sixth house of Health; and the Seventh house of relationships, ie marriage.

The Laws of Quantum Physics have told us that now we are co-creators of our own lives. Since ALL is Energy, we can use energy to improve our lives.

Each of the planets in our Solar System is also an energy. We can pick and choose any one of the planetary energies, use it's symbolic representation, overlaying it in one of the houses of our Solar Chart and increase the energy or power in that House.

Just as our Solar Chart represents us, a symbol of a planet represents it. Jupiter is the planetary energy of increase.

To increase your money making abilities place a Jupiter symbol in your second house. To increase your health energy place the Jupiter symbol in your sixth house. To increase your chances for a happy, loving marriage (either the existing one or a new one) place the Jupiter symbol in your Seventh house.

The Jupiter symbol will attract the Jupiter energies of increase out the Quantum Ocean and power the House where you place it.

Since the Houses of your Solar chart represent the areas your experience in your life, Jupiter in the second House will increase your money making experiences. Jupiter in the sixth House ill increase your health experiences. Jupiter in your Seventh House will experience your loving relationship experience.

Thanks to another wonderful gift of the Age of Aquarius, the Internet, you can simply go to Google images and choose the Astrological Jupiter symbol you like.

Print it out and place it in the House of your choice. Be still and be patient and allow the Jupiter energies of increase to work their way into your Solar chart and into your Aura.

More Health, Wealth and Love can be yours. It is a gift from the Age of Aquarius which is a gift from the Mind of God.

Oh! And another thing. Make sure that you write your name on your Solar chart. You want Jupiter Energy to come to you and not just any one who has the same Astrological Solar chart Matrix.


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